According to new research.

Reproductive psychiatrist Dr. Ariela Frieder, from Montefiore Medical Center also, said this study’s results won’t change her clinical practice. ‘[This study] displays an association between the usage of SSRIs and autism spectrum disorders. However, association does not mean causation, which is very important for women to understand,’ she stated. Dr. Eyal Shemesh, chief of behavioral and developmental wellness in the section of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital, in New York City said: ‘It is rather hard to do a definitive study of this. The confounders here are huge. They [the study authors] initially discovered no difference between the groups – – it was only once they looked specifically at gender-adjusted variations that they saw an association.‘It is necessary we constantly measure the effectiveness of the program and I am delighted these latest findings present that breasts screening can save lives. I hope the scholarly study will encourage women to make an informed choice to accept their invitation for screening. That is partly because of our extremely effective screening programme.’ ‘This study is evidence that screening really does save lives. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has committed to extending the screening programme in England by 2012 so that more women advantage. Women aged 47 to 73 will be invited in order that every woman will have their 1st screening prior to the age of 50.