Hospice and Palliative Care

When faced with the eventuality of a life threatening ailment, not only do many people opt for hospice and palliative care due to circumstance, but it is also the best available option. The overall approach and aim of the hospice and palliative care centers is to make the last few days worthwhile for the inmates. The units are designed to offer terminally ill and dying inmates a chance to enjoy peace of mind that comes from monitored medication and 24 hour nursing facility. The hospice and palliative care units exist in most economically advanced nations, and now even third world and developing nations have designed similar units.

The centers are known for delivering quality and compassionate care to people who are facing some life-limiting illness. The threat to survival beyond a point in many cases comes from injury and age, along with illness. Dedicated hospice and palliative care is rendered by a team. The focused approach is directed towards making available timely medical care and nursing to help pain management. Total hospice and palliative care also enables the inmates to deal with emotional and spiritual issues by making available professional support. The whole package is customized to each person’s needs and wishes.

Hospice and palliative care also extends support to the near and dear ones of the inmate, to cope with the impending loss and situation at large. The focus of any hospice is based on the primary belief that every human being has the right to die pain-free. The care units make it possible for the inmates to live with dignity and loving attention, things that may not always be possible at home. The inmates are also reassured of their family members availing of similar treatment. The hospice and palliative care units are designed to focus not on curing, but on caring for the terminally ill and dying.

Since care can and most of the time is provided by some member or the entire family, the hospice facilities take care to ensure the inmate and the family that the availability of medical facilities with love is a quality-add on. Many of the inmates are usually people whose family members are either all working with no extra time or energy on hand to meet specific requirements 24×7 or people who prefer to lessen the suffering on the family by separating. Hospice and palliative care is now provided at various private and funded centers, hospitals, and nursing homes around the world.

The units provide long-term care facilities. The dedicated hospice and palliative care services are made available to patients of any age or religion or illness, by professionals who feel deeply about the cause. The unique opportunity allows inmates to either pay for themselves or accept with gratitude the generosity of the family. Hospice care is covered under Medicare as well as Medicaid. There are a number of private insurance plans and HMOs that are designed exclusively for hospice and palliative care. The needs of special inmates are also taken care of other managed care organizations.

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